Interview with Triz Täss

We have interview Triz Täss, a fantastic model from Germany. She was kind enough to spare us some time and answered our questions. Let’s meet Triz!

#1 Please introduce yourself

My name’s Triz Täss, also called Trizzy. I’m 22 years old, living in Germany. Alternative Model for 4 years now.

#2 How did you get started in modeling?

In my hometown, a local photographer discovered me at an alternative party. He ask me for a spontaneous shooting. We both we’re surprised, cause it was the first time for me in front of a camera and the photos turned out good. So I decided to register at a German model/photographer page …. soon first requests came in.

#3 When it comes to modeling, Who are your influences?

Well, that’s a tricky question I think I try to stay without influences, to really be 100% me. Of course I’m an alternative Model, so there are always stereotypical shootings with influences of rock’n’roll, goth and horror stuff. But I can’t say that there’s really somebody who influences me.

#4 What do you expect from a photographer that works with you?

At first, his shooting request should be clear, he should express clearly what he wants to “produce” in the end and why I would be perfect for that. I hate to repeat shooting themes, that’s always going to be a pay shooting. For shooting ideas that impress me, I work for free. Then, the photographer should treat me as a human being, not as a kind of service. A good shooting is always about how you interact, the characters have to fit for that short time of working, no misapprehensions. That’s why I prefer direct speech. And of course while we’re shooting, never touch the model without asking if it’s ok (if hair or outfit is a mess).

#5 Is there a certain photographer you would love to work with?

No there isn’t. It’s not about the photographer, it’s more about styles I want to try. If an idea comes to mind, I’m going to search for the right photographer.

#6 What’s your favorite shoot?

Oh I really can’t give an order to that! All shootings I’ve done where just great. Following my work, you’ll see there are photographers I’m working more often with. Just as Fledermausland Photoaction, Hendrik Janssen and Rocksau Pictures. All three have become very good friends of mine too. A shoot with them never feels like hard work (that modeling really is). I can shoot with them straight a day through without losing my energy. I think it’s because we all have chosen an alternative lifestyle in general.
I love that Christian Holtfreter (Fledermausland Photoaction) comes up with that strange and sometimes even scary ideas. Shootings with him have a kind of a movie charakter, you have to act your role, in the end people just see photos, so you have to do an impressive work to transport the emotions. I like when photographers say “ok let’s do something you’ve never done before!”

#7 What advice can you give to new models in the field?

Stop feeling awkward in front of the camera, don’t stop moving. It’s like dancing, the first time it takes a while to discover your own rhythm and to get used to the movements your body is able to do. Before you do nothing, just do anything that comes to your mind. The photographer will see a certain pose out of your movement that he likes.

Don’t let yourself being forced. If something’s not right for you, don’t do it. I think of all the girls that start with that “hobby” photographers. Stay professional, keep your own borders and don’t be shy to express that. You are not a plastic doll, keep your comfort zone for the first times.

And most important: Discuss all questions and uncertainties before you agree to a request. If the photographer reacts like an asshole, don’t be sad, the shooting would have been crap anyway cause you don’t get along with each other.

#8 What style of modeling are you most comfortable with?

I don’t do anything i’m not most comfortable with.

#9 What inspires you?

Ahh … music a lot, the songlyrics. Fashion a bit. Nature of course. And all these breakdown days you have to crawl through, in the end they feed my creativity, cause I have to make plans how to get out Party nights with too much alcohol are very inspiring too, I don’t recommend that, but I tend to fall in situations that come along with more or less good ideas.

#10 What are you working on at the moment?

I have a 3 day plan with a photographer, lots of new shooting ideas for that time. Hopefully I’ll get another gory and horror shoot when I’m back. I’m starting to like latex fashion shoots, too. Still there’s not much published from my last shoots, all needs editing time. And, something for my own, next year a big tattoo project starts, from january on I will have sessions every month …. we planned until may. So, there’s a lot to be curious about.

#11 Take us through a typical day for you.

Oh that’s difficult, there are no typical days, cause right now, I’m staying where somebody has a bed for me xD Right now I’m staying with my boyfriend, we have a long distance relationship.
Well, let’s say I’m “home”: I’m not working or studying, so I get up around 10 if I have plans for the day. Taking a shower, doing make up, eating something, calling my boyfriend. Checking all my pages for news, answering shooting requests, uploading new photos if there. Checking if somebody has time to hang out, most of the time there is somebody. If it’s Thursday, party nights until Saturday start. I go out a lot. I stay up until 8 in the morning, then having breakfast somewhere , coming home round 12 “in the morning” again.
If I have a shooting the next day, I’m very boring xD going to bed early, getting up around 6. Hurry to get my make up done, hurry to get the train that takes me to my shooting destination. Sometimes I come home by 11 in the night then.

#12 Which magazines, websites, books, etc. have you been in?

I got featured on the blogs and featured me too.
I was in the magazine “Pfingstgeflüster“. And i’m on the can of an energy drink called “Kultur Shock”.

If you’d like to explore more of Triz’ work then you can check out her various online hangouts:

deviantART Facebook
Tumblr Model Kartei

If you’ve enjoyed Triz’s amazing work and this interview, let us know about it in the comments section below and don’t forget to share it with your friends. It would make our day.


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