Interview with Marc Gosselin

When I first saw Marc’s work I thought wow, I have to feature this amazing artist but instead I ended up interviewing him. Let’s meet Marc!

#1 Please introduce yourself

My name is Marc Gosselin.

#2 How did you get started in drawing?

I’ve been drawing for as long as I could hold a pencil. My Parents were students when I was young, and all they could afford at the time as far as toys go, were color pencils and paper, so I started drawing quite early in life.

#3 When it comes to traditional art, Who are your influences?

Leonardo da Vinci is one of my greatest influences, being one of the first medical and scientific illustrators.

#4 What mediums do you use for your work? Which is your favorite and why?

Prisma color pencils is my favorite mediums, because it’s unexpensive, and not messy, and I’ve always had troubles adjusting to paints.

#5 How would you describe your style?

I enjoy doing realism, but I’ve been introduced to surrealism since I’ve been here on DA by an amazing illustrator, Bernard Dumaine, and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with that style.

#6 Do you want to communicate a message through your artwork?

I always try to communicate some type of message through my art, and most of the time it’s subtle.

#7 What advice can you give to the upcoming artists?

My advice to upcoming artist is to keep doing what you love.

#8 What’s your favorite piece?

My favorite piece of mine at the moment is an exquisite corpse I did with Bernard Dumaine called “You put a spell on me”.

#9 What inspires you?

Nature and all it’s wonderful, and intricate creatures inspire me.

#10 What are you working on at the moment?

I’m constantly working on collaborations with the wonderful artists here on DA.

#11 Take us through a typical day for you.

I usually get up at noon, and draw for the rest of the day, stopping now and then for a meal, and at night I like to answer my messages on DA, and converse with the amazing talent found here on DA.

#12 Which magazines, websites, books, etc. have you been in?

I’ve been published in a number of medical magazines, Textbooks, and encyclopedias, as well as some news papers, and magazines.

If you’d like to explore more of Marc’s work then you can check out his online hangout:


If you’ve enjoyed Marc’s amazing work and this interview, let us know about it in the comments section below and don’t forget to share it with your friends. It would make our day.


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